Grote Shungite steen 2617 gram. Anti-straling


This large raw Shungite stone is truly a beautiful specimen and weighs almost 3 kilos! To be exact 2617 grams.

Place it in your room and the stone purifies the space of both radiation and negative energy. The entire space will be purified and you will feel stronger and more powerful.

This stone helps to ground, drains excess energy that you carry with you and is fantastic for people who are hyper sensitive. Also a perfect stone for the bedroom, because this large stone gives peace and helps to process difficult emotions.

It is not for nothing that entire Shungite rooms are furnished in Russia in which people can let go of their traumatic experiences and depressions more quickly. You can wash the stone yourself at home and then the black powder layer will disappear. As a result, spots can become visible that are in the stone because it contains iron ore. If you want to keep the stone intensely black, it is better not to wash it and place it like this. 

Every copy we sell is unique and the stone you see in the photo will actually be sent to your home. The shipping costs are € 6.95.

Feel good if the stone might be calling you…… We will send it to you with love!

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The price depends on the weight.

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 2617 g
Waterfilter & Anti-straling

Met deze grote Shungite steen kun je water filteren of een ruimte straling vrij maken.

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