Information about SHUNGITE E-Book – English version


SHUNGITE PROTECTION AGAINST RADIATION”  is a downloadable E-book that I’ve written with great enthusiasm. In this book, I share my knowledge about this remarkable stone known for its ability to neutralize radiation, filter water, and purify the air.

Over the past years, I’ve received numerous questions from my clients seeking information about Shungite. I thought it would be a great idea to compile all these questions and my answers into a book to share with anyone interested. Most of my blog posts are also included in the E-book for your convenience, allowing you to read them off-line on an e-reader or tablet.

Additionally, I provide many practical tips on making your home and living environment radiation-free. My own home is nearly radiation-free, and everyone who enters can feel the difference.

The book consists of 130 pages and is well worth reading because I’m confident that by following my tips, you too can create a peaceful and harmonious environment in your own home or practice!

Here’s an overview of some topics where I provide answers to customer questions:

  • Purifying water
  • How to make your home radiation-free
  • Protecting yourself on the go
  • Shungite in the car
  • Stone maintenance

What’s even more exciting is that any additional information in the future will be provided to you as a free supplement to this e-book by me 🙂

*This E-book is a translation of the original Dutch edition.