Elite Shungite steentjes gruis voor Orgonite Piramide 9,95


We sell a small bag of Elite grit stones that are very suitable for processing in an Orgonite pyramid. This bag contains 10 grams of Elite grit. You can process the Elite grit/stones in epoxy resin with which Orgonite pyramids are made to resist radiation and increase the frequency in your home. Shungite Netherlands does not sell Orgonite pyramids itself, but we do have enough customers who buy Shungite stones from us to make these Orgonite pyramids themselves. We only sell the original Shungite pyramids to keep out radiation. 

We have also sold this article to a company that designed very exclusive fountain pens. It was then poured into the barrel of the pen to deflect radiation and create a clockwise rotating energy field. So be creative and use these very fine stones for purposes that may be a bit out of the box. 

We do not always have these Elite grit bags in stock and it is quite scarce. Please note that the stones are really super small and it is slightly coarser than the Shungite powder that we sell, but much smaller than the regular Elite stones. You really have to think about dimensions between 1, 2 and 3 mm. 



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